Tongue Cleanser

This professional tool used by dentists is recommended for home use to improve your overall oral healthcare by reducing and eliminating mouth odor. The unique cleaning band is designed to be used toward the back of the tongue and swept forward, scraping the tongue to remove odor-causing bacteria. Its smooth design prevents gagging, which is commonly experienced when using a toothbrush on your tongue. Keep one in your home bathroom, at the office, and in your toiletry kit for travel. The Tongue Cleanser’s features include:

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Clear vinyl carrying case
  • Beautifully balanced weight with a modern and durable design
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Comfort-grip handles are easy to hold and use

SKU#: 54-098-12

How to cleanse your tongue: Use two hands to hold and control the Tongue Cleanser. Starting toward the back of your tongue, scrape the tool forward toward the front of your mouth while applying uniform pressure on each side. For more details on use and care, please see our How-To section.


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