Mini Round End Tweezer

This is the small delicate tweezer for petite hands and delicate use. Great for travel!

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Beautifully shaped small 1mm tip
  • Smooth inner platform
  • Rounded handles with indented finger rests
  • Take it in your purse
  • Mini size; 3″ long

Cuticle Nipper & Clipper

Ever have a hangnail or want to trim your cuticles to perfection? Now do it with the professional model used by doctors and podiatrists. Our Cuticle Clipper is designed with a super sharp, precise, long lasting cutting edge that is vastly superior to drug store varieties. Features include:

  • German surgical stainless steel
  • Flawless cutting surface
  • 2mm edge for delicate, precise trimming
  • 4″ length with double spring

SKU #: 86-600-10

Personal Travel Case

This beautiful, soft leatherette case is the perfect addition for your valued tweezer to keep it protected in your handbag when on the go.

  • Snaps securely closed
  • 1″ wide x 4.25″ long

Choose from 4 attractive colors: Royal Blue, Brilliant Black, Chile Red, and Hot Pink


Blackhead Extractor

Give yourself a facial at home, extracting blackheads and other blemishes from the comfort of your own bathroom, with this professional tool used by dermatologists. Before any extraction, be sure to take a steamy shower or use a warm washcloth to open pores, then apply light pressure with the tool. The Blackhead Extractor’s features include:

  • German surgical stainless steel
  • One standard end and one crimped end
  • Lightweight flat handle with serrations for a comfortable grip and no-slip control
  • 4″ long

SKU#: 86-111-10