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  • Mini Round End Tweezer

    Mini Round End Tweezer

    This is the small delicate tweezer for petite hands and delicate use. Surgical stainless steel Beautifully shaped small 1mm tip Smooth inner platform Rounded handles with indented finger res ...


  • Personal Travel Case

    Personal Travel Case

    This beautiful, soft leatherette case is the perfect addition for your valued tweezer to keep it protected in your handbag when on the go. Snaps securely closed 1" wide x 4.25" long Choose fr ...


  • Classic Tweezer

    Classic Tweezer

    Our most popular eyebrow tweezer, the Classic is an updated version of the slanted "Cilia Forceps," which were originally designed in Europe for physicians in the 1970s. Its perfectly angled, hand-f ...

    $17.00 $12.89

  • Lite Classic Tweezer

    Lite Classic Tweezer

    This lightweight, stylish, and modern version of our most popular eyebrow tweezer is a great choice for fashionistas and anyone on the go. The Lite is an updated version of the slanted “Cilia Forc ...


  • Big Blue Tweezer

    Big Blue Tweezer

    Give yourself or a friend a gift that gives back with this wider handle version of our most popular eyebrow tweezer. A portion of the profits from this tweezer go directly to support Cookies for Ki ...


  • Spring Green Classic Tweezer

    Spring Green Classic Tweezer

    Our colorful, green version of the classic eyebrow tweezer. A portion of the profits from this tweezer go directly to support the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit conservation organization that work ...


  • Pink Lite Classic Tweezer

    Pink Lite Classic Tweezer

    Think pink with this colorful version of our most popular eyebrow tweezer. A portion of the profits from this tweezer go directly to support the American Cancer Society. The Think Pink is a lig ...


  • Gold Classic Tweezer

    Gold Classic Tweezer

    Have fun with this glamorous and elegant gold-plated version of our most popular eyebrow tweezer. Or give it as a gift that's sure to please any fashionista. The Gold Classic is an updated versio ...


  • Super Pointed Tweezer

    Super Pointed Tweezer

    This technical tweezer, originally used by doctors for eye and micro surgeries, has become a favorite hair-removal tool for ingrown hairs. Its slender, sharp, pin-point tips are designed to grab th ...


  • Super Skinny Pointed Tweezer

    Super Skinny Pointed Tweezer

    Get to the point with this technical tweezer, used by doctors during eye and micro surgeries. Our thinnest and sharpest micro-point tweezer is useful for the most stubborn ingrown hairs. Its fine, ...


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