Jewelry Making

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  • Jewelry Pliers

    Jewelry Pliers

    Professionally used by orthodontists, this sturdy pair of wire-bending pliers is popular among professional jewelers and hobbyists. They're also great for DIY crafts and jewelry making at home. The Je ...


  • Utility Clamp Delicate

    Utility Clamp Delicate

    Professionally used by doctors, this clamp (know as "Halsted forceps" in the medical industry) is useful for holding small parts. The Delicate Utility Clamp's features include: German surgical sta ...


  • Utility Clamp Delicate, Curved

    Utility Clamp Delicate, Curved

    Professionally used by doctors, this curved utility clamp (know as “Halsted forceps” in the medical industry) is useful for holding small parts. The Curved Utility Clamp’s features include: ...


  • Trimming Scissors, Straight

    Trimming Scissors, Straight

    Particularly popular at home for trimming eyebrow hairs, mustaches, beards, and bangs, this precise pair of scissors is an updated version of the surgical tool that internists, dermatologists, and pla ...


  • Splinter Tweezer

    Splinter Tweezer

    This inexpensive splinter tweezers with a standard handle is a nice addition for your first aid kit or to keep as a backup to one of our professional version splinter forceps.  The Splinter Tweezer's ...


  • Jeweler Tweezer

    Jeweler Tweezer

    Get to the point with this beautifully curved technical tweezer, used by doctors during eye and micro surgeries as well as by professional jewelers and watch makers. The Jeweler, our very thin and sh ...


  • Grabber Forceps

    Grabber Forceps

    This delicate pair of forceps with serrated tips is an updated version of the "Adson Forceps" used by doctors. Use it to grab small items out of hard-to-reach places or for DIY craft projects. The Gr ...


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