All Purpose Scissors

Originally designed for paramedics to cut through seat belts and clothing at the scene of an accident, these scissors can cut through almost anything in your house–from those seemingly impossible-to-open plastic packages that come with electronics and children’s toys to chicken bones to linoleum, strapping tape, rubber, fabric, leather, tin, and copper. The All Purpose Scissors are a must for every home. Keep one in your kitchen drawer, tool box, office, and garage. The All Purpose Scissors’ features include:

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Super sharp upper blade
  • Serrated lower blade with safety tip design
  • 7.5″ long

SKU#: 11-950-18


Kitchen Drawer Scissors

One of our most popular products, the Kitchen Drawer Scissors is a tool you’ll want in your home and office for everyday cutting needs. An updated version of the lightweight but durable surgical scissors that are commonly used by medical professionals to cut through tape, cotton, and other bandaging materials in an exam room, this top-quality instrument is something you’ll use on a daily basis. It works equally well to open packages and cut wrapping paper, construction paper, felt, foam, thread, tape, cotton, bandages, and lightweight fabrics. You can even use it to trim flower stems, chop off the ends of vegetables, or cut bunches of grapes.

  • German surgical stainless steel
  • Versatile design; one pointed tip and one rounded blunt tip
  • Straight 5.5″

SKU#: 11-110-14


Trimming Scissors, Curved

Particularly popular at home for trimming eyebrow hairs, mustaches, and beards, this curved pair of scissors is an updated version of the surgical tool that internists, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons commonly use for simple procedures in their exam rooms. The curved tips allow for a particularly broad field of vision. It’s also excellent for sewing, fine arts, and other crafts–particularly for cutting rounded shapes. The curved Trimming Scissors’ features include:

  • German surgical stainless steel
  • Curved, sharp, fine-pointed tips
  • 4.5″

SKU#: 11-341-11