Nail Care

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  • Pink Nail Scissors

    Pink Nail Scissors

    These pink powder coated stainless steel nail cutting scissors are just what the doctor ordered. Surgical stainless steel Small easy to handle size Accurately trims finger and toenails Great ...


  • Cuticle Nipper & Clipper

    Cuticle Nipper & Clipper

    Ever have a hangnail or want to trim your cuticles to perfection? Now do it with the professional model used by doctors and podiatrists. Our Cuticle Clipper is designed with a super sharp, precise, lo ...


  • Toenail Clipper

    Toenail Clipper

    This is the surgical grade stainless steel nail clipper that allows you to cut your own toenails with ease. The plier-like design with a barrel spring gives you more control and provides leverage for ...


  • Podiatrist Nail Clipper

    Podiatrist Nail Clipper

    Used by podiatrists, this professional nail clipper allows you to cut your own nails with the highest level of precision. The plier-like design with a double spring provides unsurpassed control and le ...


  • Ingrotool Toenail File

    Ingrotool Toenail File

    First used by podiatrists in England, this professional toenail file allows you to effectively treat and control ingrown toenails at home. Use the specially designed shaving tips to lift and file away ...


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