Tick Removal

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  • Splinter Removal Kit

    Splinter Removal Kit

    Be prepared with this first aid essential. Now you can remove any splinter or tick safely, quickly, and easily--using the same tools as doctors. Our professional splinter removal kit includes a point ...


  • Small Splinter &Tick Forceps

    Small Splinter &Tick Forceps

    This compact pair of forceps is great for anyone on the go; it's the perfect addition to a travel-sized first aid kit or toiletry bag. Despite its small size, the tweezer's grooved handle and pointed, ...


  • Large Splinter Forceps

    Large Splinter Forceps

    Be prepared to remove a larger splinter or tick safely, quickly, and easily–using this professional pair of forceps that has a grooved handle and pointed, slotted tip.  It's also a good choice for ...


  • Angled Splinter Forceps

    Angled Splinter Forceps

    This pair of forceps is an angled version of the tweezer included in our splinter removal kit. It's safe, easy to use, and efficient for removing splinters and ticks. The Angled Splinter Forceps’ ...


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