In this how-to, we’ll go over the best methods for Dog and Cat tick prevention to keep your pets healthy and your home tick-free.

Best Methods for Tick Prevention

  • Keep your pets indoors. Pets, especially outdoor cats, rove in wooded areas where ticks are common. Keep your cat indoors, walk your dog on a leash and avoid areas with tall grasses and bushy vegetation. This is the best method for dog and cat tick prevention.

  • Apply tick and flea medication. Always be sure to apply a tick treatment such as Frontline to your pets in preparation for tick season. This another top method for dog and cat tick prevention.

  • Do a tick check. After you’ve taken your dog for a walk or after your cat comes inside, check their fur thoroughly for ticks. Generally run your hand over your pet’s body to feel for bumps. Part your pet’s fur for a more detailed search. Ticks can also get between their toes, in their armpits and in their ears, so don’t forget to check those areas as well.

    Use our precision tick removal tweezers to remove ticks from your pets easily.

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