How to Remove a Splinter


Use our Splinter Removal Kit to effectively remove splinters and ticks. Each kit contains two professional stainless steel instruments:

  • The splinter liberator is a pen-like tool that has a sharp pointed end safely protected in a reversible round knurled handle. Simply remove the liberator tip by turning counterclockwise and screw back in place to use.
  • The splinter forceps have a wide comfort grip handle for stability and a precise, serrated, triangular-shaped end to grasp the tip of a splinter fragment.

After each use, always remember to clean, dry, and store your tools.

Instructions to Remove a Splinter:

  • Sterilize your instruments in boiling water or a flame; they can also be wiped clean with an alcohol pad.
  • Clean the affected area with another alcohol pad. Do not use soap and water which can soften a wood splinter making it more difficult to remove.
  • Use the splinter liberator to open or stretch the “tunnel” created by the splinter in order to expose the fragment end.
  • Once the end is sufficiently exposed, grip it with the splinter forceps and pull out the splinter.
  • Clean the area with soap and water; apply an antibiotic cream and bandage as necessary.
  • Use for intended use only.

We suggest keeping the kit in a handy place such as your medicine cabinet, kitchen drawer, tool kit, or garage.

Excerpted with permission from Richard O’Brien MD, Emergency Physician, as quoted in Bottom Line Personal



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