How to Remove Ingrown Hairs From Your Face

There is nothing more frustrating than an ingrown hair on your face. At TweezersPlus, we craft precision tools specifically designed to remove ingrown hairs easily without damaging your skin.

Here are some of our insider tips and tricks on how to remove ingrown hairs from your face: 

  1. Have the right tool. Because ingrown hairs are embedded under the skin, a dull or low quality drugstore tweezer will only damage the surrounding skin. Use a high-quality, surgical stainless steel tweezer that can grab the ingrown hair and remove it once it’s revealed. Our Classic Tweezer is designed for this purpose. Learn more about the Classic Tweezer and its benefits here.
  2. Exfoliate. It’s important to reveal the ingrown hair gradually without damaging the skin. Use an exfoliating face wash on the area 2 or 3 times a day. This will remove dead skin cells and eventually reveal the hair.
  3. Use a warm compress and apply acne medicine. You can soften the skin with a warm, damp wash cloth which will open your pores and allow the ingrown hair to come to the surface. The acne medication will help as well, by reducing swelling around the ingrown hair.
  4. Be patient and gentle. Most importantly, you don’t want to damage your skin and cause scarring on your face. It could take up to a week to bring the ingrown hair to the surface. If you follow these methods you will be able to remove ingrown hairs from your face with ease.

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