Head to Toe/Top to Bottom Set Gift Set

Celebrate the holidays with our exclusive Head to Toe/Top to Bottom Set Gift Set. This 10-piece gift set includes all the essential tools your family needs, from head to toe.  Exclusively from TweezersPlus!

TP-310 Trimming Scissors Straight

TP-315 Pink Nail Scissors

TP-392 Hair Cutting Shears Angled Black Comfort Ring

TP-604 Pink Classic Slanted Tweezer

TP-606 Gold Classic Slanted Tweezer

TP-621 Mini Round End Tweezer

TP-700 Tongue Scraper & Cleanser

TP-810 Blackhead Extractor, One Crimped End

TP-820 INGRO-TOOL Ingrown Toenail File

TP-840 Cuticle Nipper

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